Why is the City upgrading my water meter?
The City approved the replacement of manually read water meters with automated read meters in August of 2016 following years of consideration, analysis, and planning. The new meters will more accurately capture actual water usage, so some customers may see a difference in consumption and their subsequent bill amount, due to the improved performance of the new meter. The City selected the Mueller Systems Mi.Net AMI (Advanced Meter Infrastructure) system which will automate the City’s current manual meter reading process. Installation is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. City water utility customers will have real-time information on their water consumption and the City will be able to improve service and operational efficiency.

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1. Why is the City upgrading my water meter?
2. How does the new system work?
3. What is the technology that reads my meter and sends it to the City? Is it safe?
4. How long will I be without water during installation?
5. Do I have to pay for my new meter?
6. Have the new meters been tested for accuracy?
7. Will my water bill increase?
8. Could I have a leak that is causing extra water usage?
9. Who can I talk to about my water bill?