Installation Process Overview

From January through December of 2017, the City of Belmont will upgrade all City water meters to new Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) technology. These new smart meters will utilize advanced two-way communication technology to transmit consumption and meter operations information that will improve consumption accuracy and service responsiveness to City customers.  By sending and receiving information through safe and secure radio frequencies, the City may provide real-time information to customers on their account rather than through the current process of manually reading each meter once per month.

The City has selected Mueller Systems, an advanced metering industry leader manufactured in North Carolina, as provider of all meters and related metering network equipment through its distributor Fortiline Waterworks.  Meter upgrades will be conducted by Atlantic Utility Solutions, Inc and the overall project will be managed by UtiliWorks and MeterSYS.

During the first phase of the installation, all of the City’s large meters (those 1.5” and larger) will be replaced, accounting for approximately 3% of the system. The City requests customers assist in the efficient access to their meter box during the installation process.  Interruption to service for commercial and industrial customers is typically less than 20 minutes and interruption to residential customers is generally less than 5 minutes. To keep everyone safe, pets will need to be kept away from the meter location during installation.   Cars should not be parked over the meter box.

The installation crew, staffed by factory-trained technicians, will maintain proper identification and be driving approved vehicles displaying the City decal while commencing official City business. Contractors will possess City approved identification and all work will be performed in the exterior of homes and businesses. To anticipate customer needs and minimize impacts from this project, installers will ensure the meter is not actively engaged, signaling water usage in the house, and knocking on the door to notify the customer, prior to shutting off the water. To ensure installation is complete, workers will briefly test the meter, running approximately 10 gallons through to confirm proper installation and registration. 

Upon completion of the meter replacement, the installation team will inspect the installation to ensure the meter box and surrounding area is returned to pre-installation condition.  Installers will place a door hanger detailing the work completed and informing the resident of the status of the visit. If the installer is unable, for any reason, to complete the install, the door tag will identify the issue and offer reschedule options for the customer.