Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) Project

The City of Belmont supplies potable water to residents through a network of pipes, valves, and meters. Water usage is measured for each customer through a water meter located at each customer’s property. There are approximately 5,425 meters throughout the City for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. A majority of these meters were installed over 15 years ago and are nearing the end of their useful life. Currently, the City utilizes a manual reading process and has awarded a contract to Fortiline Waterworks to upgrade to an Advanced Water Meter Reading System  (AMI) with two-way communication capabilities. 

Advanced metering technology represents the City of Belmont’s commitment to maintaining the highest level of customer service and using cost-effective technology to improve water conservation and operational efficiencies. The City of Belmont advanced metering technology is referred to as AMI (Advanced Meter Infrastructure) and provides for constant two-way communication between the customer’s meter and the City for leak detection, consumption information, and meter operations management.