Street Responsibility

Belmont has many streets that are either owned by the City of Belmont, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), or by a private entity.

NCDOT Streets
The major streets that connect to other cities are generally NCDOT streets. These include:
  • Central Avenue
  • Main Street
  • Park Street/Keener Boulevard
  • Wilkinson Boulevard
Belmont Middle School on Central Avenue
City Streets
The smaller, local streets off of them are generally City of Belmont streets. Most neighborhood streets inside the city limits are City of Belmont streets.

If you have a question about potholes or street conditions, please consult the Powell Bill Street Map (PDF) so that you will know whom to call. This map shows all of the streets in Belmont and are coded to NCDOT streets, City of Belmont streets, and private streets. You can contact NCDOT through their website or contact the city street department.

New Streets
When a new development is being built, the streets are built and maintained by the private developer. Once enough houses have been built on that new street and there is less construction traffic, the City of Belmont will consider taking ownership and maintenance responsibilities for the street.

Developer Responsibilities
Before the street is turned over to the City, the developer must make all repairs to it and must put the final coat of asphalt on it. All sidewalks and street trees must also be installed and planted. This puts that cost on to the developer and not the city taxpayers. Almost all of the recent subdivisions have gone through this process, although some are not yet ready to ask the city of Belmont to take over the streets.

 The major exception is Reflection Pointe, where the streets are private and are owned by the homeowners' association.