Safe Routes to School

The City of Belmont has partnered with the following agencies on a Safe Routes to School Program:
About the Program
Safe Routes to School promotes walking or riding bicycles to elementary and middle school through:
  • Education
  • Encouragement
  • Engineering
  • Enforcement
  • Evaluation
Increasing Active Travel
The City and 3 three schools completed an Action Plan to identify reasons why students do or do not walk or ride bicycles to school. The plan identifies ways to increase active travel to school, such as:
  • Creating walking school buses
  • Improving sidewalks, bikeways, and intersections
  • Offering incentives to parents and students
Fit Community Grant
The City of Belmont completed a 2-year Fit Community grant in June 2012 to promote active travel to school at Belmont Central and Belmont Middle School. This grant has paid for the new sidewalk through Davis Park and crosswalks to connect the 2 schools to Davis Park. Parents can now drop off students at Davis Park and let them walk on a sidewalk to either school.

Walk to School Day
Belmont will hold its 3rd International Walk to School Day celebration at Davis Park on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 from 3 until 4:30 p.m. Sir Purr from the Carolina Panthers will once again join us in celebrating being active and healthy. Last year, the students had a great time and got some exercise before school began. The normal traffic congestion at the school was noticeably reduced with so many students walking to school.

WOW Wednesdays
Almost 100 students participated in the 1st WOW Wednesday on September 2, 2009. Belmont Central Elementary is now in its 4th year of its WOW Wednesdays, a year-long program encouraging students to walk or bike all or part of the way to school on Wednesdays.
  • Parents are encouraged to walk or ride bikes with their children or to park at First Foursquare Church and let their children walk the last quarter mile to the school building.
  • Adult volunteers will be available to ensure that the students arrive safely to school.
  • Prizes will be given throughout the school year for students who participate.